Vertical protections

At the beginning of their growing cycle, young plants are prone to stress and risks which could jeopardize their future productivity, when not even their vitality. Regina Naturæ SHELTER vertical protections are designed to protect plants from any risk, ensuring the proper micro-climate for a healthy, vertical and fast growth.

The wide range of Regina Naturæ vertical protections can meet any need, delivering immediate protection and stability to the young plants, sheltered from any risk.
Benefits for the plants:
– Protection against rodents, ungulates and wildlife in general;
– Protection against contact with weed killers;
– Protection against work near the base of the plant (trimming, milling, etc.); – Frost protection;
– UV protection;
Effects on productivity:
– vertical growth of the small plant;
– fast growth;
– excellent micro-climate near the stem.
– less waiting time before production;
– less wildlife deterrents;

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