Square PP Shelter Type K2

Product Description

Description and use

TYPE K Square Shelters feature the typical, most traditional Shelter design. They are ideal to protect young plants (rooted vines), as the square shape creates different spacing between the plant and the shelter, favouring internal air flow necessary to prevent fungal growth and/or insect proliferation.
With its practical closing system, the TYPE K Shelter with 5 flaps is designed for traditional planting in standard conditions; thanks to its easy fastening system it can be placed very quickly and is ideal for regular inspections.
The products are designed to be adaptable to all tutor systems available on the market.

Regina Naturae PP Honeycomb Square Shelters:

Square side 98 mm;  available heights: 40 | 50 | 60 (cm)

They are available in custom heights, if ordered in large quantities.

NOTES:  To be used in combination with a tutor. They can be re-used for several growing cycles.