Horizontal protections

Chemical weed control not only weakens plants in their most vital part, it is also economically-draining, in terms of labour and products, and time-consuming. These resources could be saved by maintaining a high level of agricultural yield. Regina Naturæ mulch mats, vegetable and/or synthetic, are designed to ensure high-performance mulching, efficient water absorption and long-lasting results.

With Regina Naturæ mulch systems, nursery workers, gardeners and/or farmers will forget about burdensome, time-consuming weeding throughout the growing cycle, which will result in:
Cost saving:
– less labour; – less management time;
– less weed killers;
– 30% – 40% less water used;
Benefits for the plants:
– Protection against weeds;
– Protection against dryness;
– Root collar protected against frost;
– Protection against foot traffic;
– Overall root system protection;

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