Product Description

Biodegradable mulch for weed control

It is a needle punched, non-woven fabric made with mechanically compacted biodegradable vegetable fibres (coconut, jute and sisal) on a waterproof paper backing without the use of adhesives, sizing agents, stitching or plastic fibres. High permeability makes it particularly suitable for crops which require the collar to stay dry or for use in greenhouses where the humidity level must be constant and above a certain level. It is also recommended for long-term applications. Indeed, CJSC was designed with a high percentage of coconut fibre and a special texture to last long in the soil (the weight of 900 g/m2 usually lasts 3-4 years), and, being completely biodegradable, it can then be mixed back into the soil at the end of the growing cycle. It is used to control weeds when creating beds and flower displays, both in gardens and public works. Squares are available in the standard 40×40 cm and 50×50 cm sizes, all pre-cut for plant placement.

CJSC Mulch is available in:

REELS: (h: 2 m)

SQUARES: Pre-cut in rolls

SQUARES: with star cut and fixing holes

DISCS: star cut  and dripper hole

Other shapes available made to order.


COMPOSITION: 100% Vegetable fibres (Coconut, Jute, Sisal)
STANDARD WEIGHTS: 600 g/m2 | 900 g/m (other weights available made to order)

Attention: The actual lifespan of any biodegradable product is not precisely quantifiable, as it depends on the humidity and temperature and their alternation in the place where the product is applied; as such, the data supplied must be considered approximate, based on tests and experience with the materials used.

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