Product Description

Biodegradable mulch for weed control

100% biodegradable vegetable fibre felt ( JUTE), needle punched, mechanically compacted without the use of adhesives, sizing agents, stitching, plastic fibres or any other fibre. It delivers weather-protection to the soil, against the sun and winter cold. It decreases evaporation, thus allowing to reduce irrigation significantly, while still maintaining the soil soft and well-aerated. It favours ornamental plants setting; it then turns into humus and can be mixed back into the soil. It is available in squares and discs for individual plant protection, both in vase or in open fields. It is used for the creation of forests and woodlands, usually in squares, with star cut, supplied with holes for fastening staples, or in the reel version with pre-cut pieces ready for tear off. It is used as weed control barrier in beds and flower displays, both in gardening and road construction. Standard squares in stock measure 40×40 cm and 50×50 cm, all pre-cut for plant placement.

JUTE mulch is available in:

REELS: (h: 2 m)

SQUARES: with star cut and fixing holes

SQUARES: Pre-cut in rolls

DISCS: star cut with dripper hole

Other shapes available made to order.

Technical specifications:

COMPOSITION: 100% Natural fibres (Jute)

STANDARD WEIGHTS: 600 g/m2 | 1,000 g/m (other weights available made to order)

Attention: The actual lifespan of any biodegradable product is not precisely quantifiable, as it depends on the humidity and temperature and their alternation in the place where the product is applied; as such, the data supplied must be considered approximate, based on tests and experience with the materials used.

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