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Description and use

TYPE DR Mesh Shelter, delivers the best protection you can get with a mesh shelter. Made in UV-stabilized high-density polyethylene (HDPE) with double mesh: an extremely close mesh (2mm x 2mm diagonal diamonds), and a sturdier mesh (20mm x 20mm double reinforcement ) to ensure stiffness and ruggedness, thus allowing the shelter to last up to five years in the field. It provides full protection against hares and small ungulates, and the close mesh also blocks undesired sprouts and invasion from neighbouring brambles which may erode the plant resources, to the detriment of proper growth and rooting. The diagonal orientation of the mesh is designed to ensure light penetration at any time of the day. The standard shape is tubular, with a maximum diameter of 12 cm. It requires the application of one or two tutor systems, preferably planted into the soil one opposite the other at a depth corresponding approximately to one third of the shelter height. It is highly recommended for use in reforestation and forestation, especially of deciduous plants and conifers in general, when there is a need for protection not only against wild rodents, but also against bigger animals.

Regina Naturae Type DR Mesh Shelters are available in:


BOBINE 100 m

Type DR mesh shelter  colour black. Available heights: 40 to 120 (cm)

NOTES: To be used in combination with a tutor. They can be re-used for several growing cycles.