Hexagonal PP Shelter Type ES

Product Description

Description and use

TYPE ES Hexagonal Shelter, designed for long-limbed plants such as olive trees, citrus trees and/or other tall slender fruit trees, adapts to the needs of the plant with its comfortable 6-cm diameter that fits the plant perfectly, while leaving enough space for ventilation. Ideal for serial production in cell packs and extremely effective in truffle farming on all mychorrized plants; it ensures optimum, complete protection of any long-limbed plant. Every model is equipped with a practical patented fastening system allowing to choose, with a simple gesture, whether to leave a ventilation slot near the fastening hook, or close it completely, while still protecting the plant against extreme weather conditions and providing it with over-time position stability. In addition, all hexagonal shelters feature a provision on the upper part for a groove that can be removed to attach the dripline tube in order to stabilize the shelter even without tutor.

Regina Naturae Hexagonal PP Honeycomb Shelters:

Hexagonal diameter 60 mm side 35 mm; available heights: 25 | 50 (cm)

They are available in custom heights, if ordered in large quantities.

NOTES: They can be used without tutor. They can be re-used for several growing cycles.

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