Telovip AGRI 350

Product Description

Re-usable mulch sheets for weed control

It is a resilient, rot-proof and degradable synthetic fibre mulch, thermoformed so as to make it impenetrable to weeds, yet perfectly permeable to water and air. Its main application is containing weeds where excellent aesthetics and long-lasting results are required. It was designed in a light colour that mimics chestnut soil or pine cork, looking like the natural material. It is particularly suitable for all applications requiring a long product life or particular mechanical resistance to traction or foot traffic. The polymer used to make the product cannot be metabolised by moulds and bacteria, therefore it does not rot or decay. It is 100% eco-friendly and recyclable and does not leave any traces in the soil. Easy to handle and use, it perfectly combines quality, aesthetics and cost.

N.B. Telovip agri 350 felt sheet is specifically designed for under row mulch in viticulture and fruit farming. We engineered a special in-field application system without metal fastening staples or stakes.
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TELOVIP AGRI 350 mulch sheet is available in:

REELS: h = 0,80 | 1,2 | 2 m

SQUARES: with star cut and fixing holes

DISCS: with star cut and dripper hole

Other shapes available made to order.

Technical specifications:

COMPOSITION: 100% Polyester
STANDARD COLOUR: light brown/beige

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